Chicago HOP! a HH Dance Workshop – Lindy Hop

14. November 2015 um 9:30 – 12:30
Studie D
Boschstraße 15D

Chicago HOP! a HH Dance Workshop

HAMBURG goes Chicago-style with international world-known RUBY RED (US) and others! Back in Germany for the first time since 2013, don’t miss your chance to expand your dancing with this great teacher straight from Chicago!

♥ 14.11 Saturday – Lindy Hop
⚬ 10:30-11:30 HOPS! Lindy Challenge one
⚬ 11:30-12:30 HOPS! Lindy Challenge two
⚬ 12:30-13:30 HOPS! Lindy Challenge three
No partner required
Each class is a different focus, and will be challenging.
Registration = all three classes

♥ 15.11 Sunday – Blues In One Day
⚬ 12:00-13:00 Learn Blues (intro)
⚬ 13:30-16:00 Better Blues (experienced)
No partner required

Saturday, 14.11.2015
⚬ Lindy Hop Challenges (3 classes) – 30 single / 55 partner (35/65 at door)

♥ 15.11 Sunday – Blues In One Day
⚬ 12:00-13:00 Learn Blues (intro)
⚬ 13:30-16:00 Better Blues (experienced)
No partner required

Sunday, 15.11.2015
⚬ Learn Blues In One Day – 5 special trial price! (10 at door)
⚬ Better Blues In One Day – 30 single / 55 with partner (35/65 at door)

⚬ ALL OF CHICAGO HOP! – 60 single / 100 with partner (70/120 at door)

Register today:

You have 2 chances to jump into this vintage dance with top teachers:
„Learn Blues in One Day“ is a special 1 hour class designed to hop right into the Blues aesthetic and style, with HH favorites Jered Morin (US) and Johanna Helena (DE)
„Better Blues In One Day“ hops you to the next level! Ruby has placed and finaled in numerous Blues competitions both as a lead and as a follow, so this will challenge you. With teachers Ruby Red (US) and Jered Morin (US)

♛ RUBY RED (US) began social dancing since 2001 when she left circus training to explore Ballroom, Salsa, and Swing. For the last 10 years, she has traveled to dance, DJ, teach and compete in Blues in the US as well as throughout Europe. As a competitor, Ruby brings flair, finesse and fabulous form to the performance arena and has a handful national competition titles to her name. As an instructor and judge, she values movement quality, musicality, authentic expression and risk-taking. With extensive practice and training in solo movement, she draws on skills from ballet, modern dance, tap dance, martial arts, yoga, strength training, aerial silks and trapeze. Using her extensive knowledge of body mechanics, Ruby easily diagnoses technique flaws and creates innovative practice regimens both in and out of class to help all her students excel and find deeper fluency in their movement.

♚ JERED MORIN (US) is international teacher who’s spent the last 17 years sharing his passion on dance floors around the world. He’s a featured teacher, performer, and judge at events, studios, and in instructional videos. As a choreographer, his work has been presented before Frankie Manning, at major festivals, and on theatre stages. Jered displays his love for the dance, the music, and the culture through his teachings; his ability to break down powerful technique, then coax out your unique personal style and layer it on top of the core movements.

♛ JOHANNA HELENA (DE) discovered her love of dance in 2009 and hasn’t been able to leave the dance floor ever since. She works to share her passion with students in many Hamburg schools, with a special focus on her favorite aspects of Afro-American dance; the freedom for self-expression, the musicality that speaks to you in every song, and the communication between partners that makes these dances so unique.

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