Hamburg’s Blues In One Day

9. Mai 2015 um 10:00 – 12:30
Thedestraße 99, Hamburg

We’re excited to present a single day workshop that will inspire you and immediately start your Blues dancing! Blues is the father of Swing dancing, so learning it can give you new moves, advanced rhythm, better Lead/Follow skills, and — it’s FUN!

★ LEARN BLUES IN ONE DAY gives you a large collection of style, patterns, and technique to make you comfortable with this popular vintage dance! One day is all you need to start enjoying yourself on the dance floor.

9.May @ 12:00-14:30
Register via email to
Ab 30,-
No partner needed

☛ 5 euro SPECIAL OFFER: already joined? Take „Learn Blues“ again to improve your skills, rhythms, and make you a more confident Leader or Follower. Only 5,- to rejoin!

More info:

SPECIAL OFFER : Private Lesson with Jered : 1 Week Only from 8. Mai – 13. May
(This offer was so popular in April, I’m doing it again in May 🙂
Want to take your dancing up to the next level? A Private Lesson is the way to make your dancing explode (in all the best ways)!

• Lindy Hop | Better Swingouts | Charleston creativity
• Blues | New Moves | Improved Connection | Styling
• Lead and/or Follow technique | Stretch & Compression | Following complex patterns
• Jazz / solo movement ideas | Competition Skills

♥ WHY? I am regularly touring and teaching — so I only have a few days in HH during the month. Let’s dance! 🙂


• 35 for one hour >> 35% rebate <> 55% rebate <<

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