Balboa mit Anni & Gašper

29. und 30. September
New Swing Studio, Boschstr. 15
Early-Bird-Preis: 75 Euro, nach August: 85 Euro

Anni & Gašper


Es gibt nur ein Level: Intermediate/advanced
Das entspricht etwa 1,5 Jahren regelmäßigen (wöchentlichen) Balboa-Trainings und vielen durchgetanzten Parties.

Anni Skoglund & Gašper Hrovat

Anni Skoglund (Sweden) and Gašper Hrovat (Slovenia) is an inspiring dance couple. Their style is playful, passionate and smooth. They share the love for the dance as their form of communication through rhythm, melody and harmony. To them it is the awareness of one another that make the couple dance so

From a young age both of them danced several styles before getting into authentic jazz dances. Anni’s background lays in Swedish folk-dance, waltz and fox-trot, meanwhile Gašper’s in popular 90’s Street dances. Eventually swing dance came across and met them in Herräng Dance Camp.

Now – performing, teaching and lecturing about swing dances, at home and abroad, has seen them as evolve into a couple that has won competitions with their vibrant style and superfast feet. But above all, social dance is their thing.


Samstag, 29. September, 12:00 bis 16:30 Uhr
inklusive 30 Minuten Pause

Sonntag, 30. September, 12:00 bis 15:30
inklusive 30 Minuten Pause


Im New Swing Studio der NSG: Boschstr. 15 (siehe Kontakt)


75 Euro