Double Shag – Edition 2!

Im Februar waren sie bereits hier – jetzt kommen sie erneut zu uns:

Laura Perion (HH) und Victor Espinal (SP)

unterrichten wieder Shag im Doppelpack!

Es geht los am Freitag, dem 2. Juni mit Saint Louis Shag.

Weiter gehts am Sonntag, dem 4. Juni mit 2 Leveln Collegiate Shag

Freitag 02. Juni 2023

19:00-21:00 Saint Louis Shag class – All In – New Swing Studio

St. Louis Shag is a unique dance from St. Louis with a bouncy step that swivels in and out very much like the Charleston. It has patterns with kicks and jumps and can be done to very fast music.

We already taught posture, some basics and classic shapes in our last workshop in February. We will build up on it!

If you already tried St Louis Shag before, or if you are a fast jitterbug/Swing dancer learner, this is the right workshop for you!

Sonntag 04. Juni 2023

13:30 – 15:30 Collegiate Shag – Intermediate – New Swing Studio

Du tanzt seit weniger al 2 Jahren Collegiate Shag,nimmst an regelmäßigem Unterricht teil und kennst einige Grundschritte und Moves. Du tanzt Shag gerne beim Social Dance und hast vielleicht schon an einem Shag Wochenend-Workshop teilgenommen. Du kennst die grundlegenden Elemente des Tanzes und möchtest jetzt Deine Fähigkeiten weiterentwickeln um auf Tanzen zu schneller Musik vorbereitet z sein.

You’ve been dancing collegiate shag for less than 2 years. You take regular classes, and you know several basic footwork and moves. You enjoy dancing shag socially. Maybe you have been already to a collegiate shag weekend workshop. You know the most important elements of the dance and now you are looking forward to developing your skills, learn new patterns and get ready for up-tempo dancing. 

15:45 – 17:45 Collegiate Shag – Advanced –  New Swing Studio

Du tanzt seit mehr als 2 Jahren regelmäßig.Du tanzt sicher auf dem Social Dancefloor und fühlst Dich bei schneller Musik wohl. Du hast an Collegiate Shag Wochenend-Workshops teilgenommen und beliebt entspannt und „im Flow“ wenn es zu unerwarteten Herausforderungen kommt. Jetzt möchtest Du Deine Fähigkeiten in Bezug auf Musikalität, Improvisation ausbauen und mehr zu komplexen Kombinationen und Ausdruck in Deinem Tanzen lernen.

You have been dancing shag for at least 2 years regularly. You feel confident on the social floor, and you dance comfortably on fast tunes! You have been attending some Collegiate Shag weekend workshops, and you stay calm and keep the flow when it comes to unexpected challenges. You are looking forward to getting more skilled about musicality, improvisation and learn more complex patterns and expression in your dancing.

Die Trainer:

Laura is a versatile dancer with a 15 year background in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance in France. Yet Collegiate Shag was her first experience with partner dancing when she started in 2015, in Hamburg. Since then, she has traveled the world to learn from the best, and worked on expanding her follower skills through other dances, such as blues, forró or kizomba. She considers that Balboa and Shag belong together, is a strong advocate for smooth partnership, consistent and contrasted body movements in harmony with the music. She likes the magic of being matched with random new dance partners in competitions or socially, and believes in long parties that end up with a decent soul train! 

Victor discovered Shag in 2015 in Barcelona, after starting with Lindy Hop and Blues. He has been seen at various festivals around Europe, basically partying hard, learning The Shag and meeting our international shag family. As a teacher of Lindy Hop, Collegiate and Saint Louis Shag in some schools of his scene, he is very proud of having brought Collegiate and Saint Louis Shag in 2019 to his hometown Lima, in Perú. He believes that Shag can be danced in a very relaxed and explosive way, making it an inclusive dance for all dancers. He really likes to switch between styles while social dancing, jumping from a comfortable Collegiate Shag to a smooth Balboa to an energetic Saint Louis Shag, and keep the flow with his partner. 

These two social animals met in 2017 at a Mix and Match contest in Vilnius and never miss an opportunity to grow together. Watch out : their undying enthusiasm and ability to turn anything into a party is infectuous! 

Am Freitag sind wir ab 21:45 zu Gast beim Universo Swing Ball (Universo Tango, Beim Grünen Jäger 6A, 20359 Hamburg, um zu Lindy Hop und Saint Louis Shag-tauglicher Musik das gelernte gleich anzuwenden.

Workshopgebühr: 35€ / Einheit


Anmeldung ab Dienstag 09.05.2023 18:00:

Anmeldung per email mit folgenden Angaben:


Rolle: Follow oder Lead

Partner:in: Ja/Nein, wenn ja Name

Welcher Workshop?

– St.Louis Shag

– Collegiate Shag Intermediate

– Collegiate Shag Advanced

– St.Louis Shag plus ein Level Collegiate Shag

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