Lou’s Blues

Solo Blues Workshop-Wochenende mit Lou

17. und 18. Februar
Samstag 15 bis 18 Uhr, Sonntag 14 bis 17 Uhr
New Swing Studio, Boschstr. 15D

You want to do more Blues?
You want to dance Blues – just you and the music?
Learn about the body movements in Solo Blues?

Come to Lou´s Blues , the Solo Blues Workshop!

Solo blues classes aren’t only for solo blues enthusiasts. They can make a huge difference to your Lindy dancing, too!

Saturday – New to Solo Blues

We will start the weekend with posture, weight shifts, tone, pulse and body isolation exercices that will help you develop control. Lou will make sure you get confident, so you can already start to discover your own style and play with basic rhythms.

Sunday – Solo Blues or participant of day 1

What’s most important than technique? Being YOU and finding ways to match your body with the music. Blues is a dance that emphasizes rhythm and improvisation. You will then have the opportunity to improve your freestyle and creativity through fun exercices.
We will work on some moves that can be flashy, so you can shine on the dance floor, but also how you can create sensual movements, drawing inspiration from great dancers such as Sandra Gibson, Al Minns and Ann Miller.

About Lou

Fashion is what brought Lou to the dance. She adores the aesthetics of the 30’s and wanted to learn how to charleston at 15 so she could look like those babes in the movies. Unfortunately, for Belgium this was too modern, and she had to wait a bit more to live the dream. Anyway, she was among the firsts to dance Lindy hop there, and when she discovered blues dancing on one of her numerous travels (living in Montreal at that time), she knew there was even more she wanted to explore.
Founder of „Monday Blues“ in Brussels. Teacher of solo Blues, jazz roots, charleston, Lindy Hop, partner Blues and yoga, we might emphasize Lou as a dancer with a great style and elegance of movements.

Her classes are full of personal feedback and she is committed to teach the classes entertaining, joyful and challenging.

Lou has been part of 3 troupes in London and has taught internationally in Brussels, Antwerp, London and Valencia, where she lives now and teaches full time, on the sunny side of the street.


Saturday 35 Euro, Sunday 35 Euro
Saturday & Sunday 65 Euro