The Hamburg Collegiate Shag weekend with Peter & Marina (Dortmund) and Sandy & Martí (Barcelona) on August the 27th and 28th 2016


On August the 27th and 28th it is: SHAG AHOI!

We are glad to announce that Peter & Marina (Dortmund) and Sandy & Martí (Barcelona) are once again coming to Hamburg for another Collegiate Shag weekend. They‘re gonna bring a lot of challenging moves, advanced techniques and exciting variations with them. And, as we already know of these four, fun won’t get the short end of the stick!



For you awaiting

  • 3 level Collegiate Shag
  • 5 hours training per level (2,5h/day)
  • SHAG AHOI! party on Saturday


Coming soon!


65 Euro for early birds registering in May or June.

Regular price as of July: 75 Euro

… includes 5 hours of Shag in your level and the Shag Ahoi! party on Saturday.


The workshop will take place in our studio in Boschstraße 15 D.


  • Landslubber/Landsman (Beginner)
    You don’t want to hang out in the dockland pub and listen to the sailor’s stories anymore, but to board a ship yourself. As a landslubber/ landsman you weren’t able yet to get experience in Collegiate Shag. You would like to learn the basics of the seamanship, to set sails and travel your first nautical miles.
  • Seaman (Intermediate)
    You’ve already been at sea for several months, you know the basics of the seamanship. As a seaman you know the most important basics of maneuvering: docking, undocking and to anchor and also reefing, to gybe and to tack doesn’t cause trouble for you. Now you would like to put your seaworthiness to the proof, and you are looking forward to develop your maneuvering knowledge and to learn, how to steer the course with high wind speeds and rough sea.
  • Sea Dog (Intermediate-Andvanced)
    At your circumnavigation for at least twevle months, you haven’t only seen the seven seas, but also used many shore leaves to participate international Collegiate-Shag-workshops. You know your ship from the hull to the topp and you don’t get seasick at 200 bpm. Even with „man overboard-execises“ you stay calm. If a yawl or a bark (Windjammer, a large sailing ship), you can steer safely and by wind force 10 you really start having fun to maneuver. You are looking forward to get more skilled about metereology, celestial navigation and nautical etiquette.


Marina and Peter are two swing-crazy people from the Ruhr region, who have nothing else on their mind other than dancing, dancing, dancing… Both are on the move all over Europe. They also organize nationwide workshops. Ever since they started LindyPott ( in 2006, they made the Ruhr region swing’. Both have been teaching Shag for a long time, and therefore bring a lot of experience to the workshops.

Marina started dancing since she was eight years old. More than ten years of intense Ballet- training strengthend her dancing basics. Deepend in Jazzdance and the curiosity for something new, she collided 2003 with Lindy Hop, ever since there is just a lot of Swing in her life.

Peters’ career started with a class in dance school. Soon he realized, that he wanted more fun in dancing. This desire brought him first to Boogie Woogie and then to Lindy Hop. Since he has discovered Lindy Hop in 1998, the swing-virus got a hold on him.

Sandy and Martí are teaching Lindy Hop and Collegiate Shag at Swing Maniacs in Barcelona. The promotion of the revival of Collegiate Shag is a matter close to their heart.

Sandy, originally from Louisiana, began her dancing-career in her childhood with tap dance, Zydeco & Cajun (folklore-dances from her homeland). When she immigrated to Barcelona more than 10 years ago, she discovered her love for swing dancing and ever since, she is unable to stop. Especially the Collegiate Shag has fascinated her. For her it’s the most beautiful thing, to see the enthusiasm in the faces of the participants after a workshop. Martí is regarded as a natural talent or like his dance-partners use to say about him: „He is a wonder!“. Approximately four years ago he was seized by the swing dance passion and ever since he’s in the dancing studio and on the dancefloors of Barcelona almost every day. For Martí fun is as elemental to dancing as the technique itself and it shows in his classes.


  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Wear flat shoes with slippy (!) sole
  • Make your dance-partner happy:
    • Bring at least one extra shirt
    • Take a shower before the workshop (not only afterwards)
    • Use deodorant
    • Eventually take a peppermint for a fresh breath