SwingStep Hanse 2023

1./2. April | New Swing Studio, Boschstraße 15 D, Hamburg
Workshop inklusive Party am Samstag : 107 EUR

Nach langer Corona-Zwangspause ist das SwingStep-Team endlich wieder zu Besuch in Hamburg.

Dieses Jahr mit Kris und Ali!

Kris has been a full-time teacher with SwingStep since 2011, teaching local classes in Heidelberg, Germany as well as international workshops from Israel to Ireland and many places in between. With her background in teaching astrophysics, Kris knows how to break down complex information into logical and easy to execute bits for her students.

Kris balances her precise and methodical nature with her care for the culture of jazz dances, to avoid watering down the dance and to make sure that her students are getting what they really need to achieve their dance goals.

Ali’s true passion is to find new ways of creating magic in the classroom. For him, nothing is as satisfying than to help dancers find ways to express themselves and to create their own magic moments on the dance floor.

Throughout more than 15 years of dancing and teaching, he has both refined his own style and adopted and integrated many new trends and ideas. This experience has made him very versatile as a Lindy Hopper, with a strong focus on being able to connect to many partners.

Today, his greatest joy in a social dance is to draw inspiration from his partner’s movements. Being quick to respond, adapt and reply to what was just presented to him by his partner and the music, he creates a fun, witty and playful interaction that is great to watch and even greater to feel and share!


Intermediate10:00 bis 12:45
Intermediate/Advanced13:15 bis 16:00
SwingStep Hanse Party im New Swing Studioab 21:00 Uhr
Intermediate10:00 bis 12:45
Intermediate/Advanced 13:15 bis 16:00


Die Anmeldung startet hier am 2. März um 18 Uhr.