Blues Studio

Solo- und Partner-Blues
2 Level, 3 Trainer
6. und 7. Juni, je 11:00 bis 16:00 Uhr
Studio D, Boschstraße 15 D
60 Euro
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Die Lehrer

Leanna Peled Rozen

Leanna is a professional dancer, born in Ukraine, after some traveling, moved to Berlin in 2012 to develop and grow the blues dancing scene. Organizer of BBE (Berlin Blues Explosion).

Classically trained from the age of 4, discovered love for other styles of dancing (modern, tribal, belly dancing and flamenco), while studying for her degree on dance and dance rehabilitation.

After finishing her degree she worked with different school projects, combining arts and regular programs and danced in a variety of dance companies and became a choreographer of vintage dance/cabaret dance company.

Blues dancing for Leanna, is lead by the music, where the dancers movements are part of the music, should feel as good as they look. When danced with partner should become a conversation or a story telling… just like the blues.

Ursula Ledergerber

Ursula finished her professional dance-education in July 2002, including Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, Ballet, Flamenco and more. She has been teaching in Switzerland but also on an international level for several years, mainly Lindy Hop, Blues Solo Jazz/Charleston and Tap, as well as stretching and body-control; she’s guaranteed to give a shining example and a lot of new and fresh inspiration in Lindy Hop, Blues and Solo Jazz, effortlessly adding a lot of new elements to Swing Dance. All of this came to her in a very natural way, since she grew up surrounded by music and rhythm by her mother being a professional musician. Maybe that explains her ease in playing around with rhythms as well as her passion today for Music and Dance.

Jered Morin

From numerous TV appearances, teaching Workshops around the globe, and performing in major symphony halls, Jered is an international figure in Blues, Lindy Hop, Balboa and other Afro-American dances. He brings over 18 years of training and work as an Instructor, Performer, and Competition Judge. He shares his extensive insight into the history, culture, and quality body movements so you can create something expressive and – even more so – impressive on the dance floor.

When you’re in the classroom with Jered, both Leaders and Followers find an equal focus on how to truly capture the Afro-American spirit and joy. From breaking down powerful technique, to coaxing out your personal style, you’ll find a class with Jered inspirational!

Check out for his Blog on dance history.

Die Level

* The B.B. King Studio *

You haven’t been Blues dancing in a while or are totally new to the Blues. You’re might already be a great partner dancer (Swing, Tango, other) or perhaps this is your first dance. We will dive deep into the important Blues look, techniques, and teach many, many rhythms and moves!

* The Muddy Waters Studio *

You have recently been Blues dancing and taking classes. You already have a solid understanding of the Blues Aesthetic and a big vocabulary of Blues-specific rhythms & movements.

You understand how Followers use „natural delay“ and Leaders use „grounding“ for powerful leads, among other important Blues Techniques. We will challenge you with tough classes to expand what you think you already know!

Der Stundenplan

Samstag Sonntag
B. B. King Muddy Waters B. B. King Muddy Waters
11.00 Partnered
Jered & Ursi
Jered & Leanna
12.00 Solo
13.00 Partnered
Jered & Leanna
Jered & Ursi
14.00 Partnered
Jered & Leanna
Jered & Leanna
15.00 Partnered
Jered & Ursi
Jered & Ursi