Slow Bal Weekend No. 3 – 14.- 16. Juni New Swing Studio/ Boschstr.15 D/22761 Hamburg

Schon zum dritten Mal laden wir euch zum Slow Bal Weekend nach Hamburg ins New Swing Studio ein.

Auch dieses Mal entführen euch Deirdre & Mark vom aus Rotterdam in die wunderbare Welt der Langsamkeit im Swingtanz.
Freut euch auf 2 Level Slow Bal sowie eine extra Class in Slow Solo Jazz und 2 Parties .

Am Freitag  14. Juni starten wir das Wochenende mit einer Warm Up Party bei der ihr während der Taster Class einen ersten Eindruck vom Slow Bal bekommen könnt. Für Alle geeignet.

Ab 20:00 Taster Class , ab 21:00 Slow Bal und Balboa Rhythmen für alle. DJ‘s tba.

Wie immer kredenzen wir euch am Tresen wieder einen Special Drink.

7,00 Euro an der Tür oder frei mit Party Pass . Optional bei Kursbuchung buchbar

Samstag ,15.Juni  Slow Bal &Balboa Party ab 20:30  , 7,00  an der Tür oder frei mit Party Pass. Optional bei Kursbuchung buchbar,   DJs tba

Deirdre Schoemaker

When Deirdre discovered Lindy Hop, many years ago in Berlin, she became a true addict. Soon, Lindy Hop wasn’t enough, so Balboa joined the Swing Book. Afterwards, she found that teaching Swing dance helped her to learn more quickly and get a better understanding of the dances. 

In 2015, she discovered Slow Bal and since then she has been hooked on this beautiful and elegant Swing dance. With everything she learned, she opened Slowfeet Studio, her own dance school in 2019. Slowfeet Studio is completely dedicated to Slow Bal. Deirdre loves sharing her passion for Slow Swing, which can be experienced in her classes. 

If you don’t see Deirdre dancing, she is probably talking about dance. Online you can find a range of interviews by her, with different dancers. The talks are always about a dance related subject like connection, musicality and followers empowerment. Things that are important elements of her lessons.  

Recently, after 5 years, she decided to focus on traveling for dancing. This is why we can now see her, and her dance partner Joost, all around Europe to spread the Slow Bal love!

Slow Bal quote:

“When I dance Slow Bal, I completely connect with my partner to get into this awesome flow where there is just music, rhythm and playfulness. I forget the world around me.”

Mark de Rooij

Gracefully gliding across the dance floor, Mark first immersed himself in the world of classic Ballroom

and Latin dances at the age of fifteen. After a decade, he paused his dance career, only to rediscover his

passion for dance when introduced to Lindy Hop in 2012. Instantly captivated by its infectious rhythm,

Lindy Hop reignited his love for partner dances.

Since then, Mark has found himself drawn to dance at every opportunity, even swaying to the beat of a

traffic light. In 2016, he embraced balboa, seduced by its combination of delicate movements, subtle

connection, and lively beats—a source of pure pleasure.

Adding Slow Bal to his repertoire in 2021, with its gentle rhythms, allowing Mark to channel his inner

Fred Astaire. With a background in engineering, he approaches learning with a focus on technical

precision, ensuring a solid foundation for artistic expression.

As a dance instructor, Mark prioritizes the joy of social dancing. Central to his teaching philosophy is the

promotion of equality in dance roles, ensuring that each partner is valued and respected for their unique

contribution to the dance partnership.



You have attended a full weekend of Slow Bal or

at least have done the taster.

You are ready to recap and improve on the fundamentals

of Slow Bal dancing.


You have at least attended a full weekend of Slow Bal

in a higher level than beginner.

You are ready to progress further with this wonderful dance.

Special Class, All Levels – Slow Solo Jazz

Deirdre zeigt euch in diesem Special wie wunderbar Slow Jazz auch Solo getanzt werden kann. Lass dich inspirieren zu schönen Solo Moves .


Sa. & So.

11:00-13:15 Beginner/ Refresher

15:00- 17:15 Intermediate

17:30-18:30 Slow Solo Jazz Nur Samstag 

Sa. ab 20:30 Slow Bal Party Night

Kursgebühren:  85,00 Euro pro Person je Level , 20,00 Euro für Slow Solo Jazz
Zeiten jeweils inkl 15 Minuten Pause

Partypass 12,00 Euro für Freitag und Samstag

Paarweise Anmeldung ist empfohlen, Einzelanmeldungen erhalten eine Zusage, sobald wir einen Platz anbieten können. Gilt nicht für Solo Jazz


Zur Anmeldung » hier klicken «!

Start: 5. April um 20 Uhr