New Blues Generation 3

New Blues Generation

Blues-Workshop mit Shirel & Jered
24. und 25. Juni

Classes / Levels

  • All Levels
    Great for beginners AND people who are experienced in Blues and want to update their technique
  • Experienced
    Has done some Blues classes/workshop before, OR is a really good Lindy Hopper who also joined Saturday


Saturday only (All Levels): 40 Euro
Sunday only (Experienced): 40 Euro
Complete Weekend (All levels + Experienced): 70 Euro


New Swing Studio, Boschstr. 15

Saturday – All Levels

11:00 – 12.00 Those Addictive Blue Rhythms 2nd Edition (1 h)
Blues has a rich collection of UNIQUE rhythms and movements to put into your body and your feet. Using AFRICAN-based grounded movements with smooth styling and footwork, we’re going to cover basics plus more challenging movements you’ll use all the time.

12:15 – 13:45 Connection Games (1.5 h)
Don’t connect to your partner only _one_ way, there are MANY ways! Explore how to Lead & Follow in different positions, and discover moves that are possible in each type — from standard connections to very NEW ideas for you.

14:00 – 15:00 Fancy Tricks and Moves (1.5 h)
Add even more EXCITEMENT to your Blues with these classic dips and lifts you can do with ANY partner, any time! All moves will be practiced with solid technique and lead-follow skills so they are comfortable for both partners.

Sunday – Experienced

10:30 – 12:00 Cool Tricks with Advanced Styling (1.5 h)
Not only Dips, Lifts, and impressive moves — but also styling of the legs and arms to add shape and flair. Learn the small details and techniques that really make your dancing SHINE!

12:15 – 13:15 Master the Close Embrace (1 h)
Body-to-body connection is used so often in Blues. Why? It’s comfortable, it has lots of MOVE possibilities, and offers great connection. Discover how Follows can be independent in Close Embrace and more techniques for ADVANCED level partnering!

13:30 – 14:30 Blues Roulette (1 h)
When a different song comes on, we want to be able to match it by dancing DIFFERENTLY. How do we move to Delta guitar, to Ballroomin‘ Jazz, or a rockin‘ Chicago blues song? We’ll explore different music styles and the CHANGES we can make to represent the music even better!

The Teachers

Shirel (Montpellier) has been teaching and practicing a variety of dance since 2006. She was first attracted to the femininity and sensuality of Egyptian Belly Dance and Tribal Fusion, then yoga, ballet, street jazz, ragga danc hall, hip hop, world dances, and more … With all this background, she creates a unique style full of femininity, grace, and elegance in her Swing and Blues.

One of the early pioneers of the resurging interest in Blues dance in the the 1990’s, today Jered is an international figure traveling to build up local scenes across North America, Europe, and wider.

Based on an extensive study of the history, culture, and advanced movements of Blues, Jered enjoys focusing on how both Leaders and Followers can make every single dance amazing!

You’ll find that a class with these teachers is filled with powerful technique, clear pedagogy, and will make you smiiiiile!

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