New Blues Generation 4

Blues-Workshop mit
Ilaria Parisi & Nick Shirbini
14. und 15. Oktober
im New Swing Studio, Boschstr. 15

Classes / Levels

  • All Levels
    Great for beginners AND people who are experienced in Blues and want to update their technique
  • Experienced
    Has done some Blues classes/workshop before, OR is a really good Lindy Hopper who also joined Saturday


AUSVERKAUFT!! Saturday only (All Levels): 40 Euro AUSVERKAUFT!!
Sunday only (Experienced): 40 Euro
AUSVERKAUFT!! Complete Weekend (All levels + Experienced): 70 Euro AUSVERKAUFT!!
Attention, leaders!
Single leaders (no dance partner) registering after October 8 pay an extra fee of 10 Euro.

Saturday – All Levels

13:00 – 14:00 Shuffling into the Blues Come shuffle along into the first blues class of the weekend and learn from your first steps how to incorporate funky rhythms that match the music and make it so much fun to dance.

14:15 – 15:45 Lethes get funky Let’s turn this studio into a jook joint! Jook joints were small shacks where people would go to listen to blues music, have a drink and enjoy a dance. Take your blues to the next level by learning a new different style. Learn how to play with your partner to create awesome new movements and shapes!

16:00 – 17:00 Ballroomin´ Long lines, elegant shapes and bluesy pulse characterise the wonderful ballroom blues. Learn how to take the energy from the floor into your body and transmit it to your partner to create those fluid movements.

Sunday – Experienced

11:00 – 12:30 All the ochos! Blues has taken some of the coolest things from various dances and ochos are amongst the best. Find out how you can use stretch and compression to create interesting asymmetrical shapes while keeping that blues feeling.

12:45- 13:45 Advanced close embrace Swoopy legs, fancy rotations, and contra body. Learn our favourite close embrace moves and techniques that make this connection so incredible. Prepare to eat a big mushroom because it’s time to “level up” dancing!

14:00 – 15:00 Fast and “moderately” furious Did you know that blues can be danced to (relatively) fast music? Some of the best blues songs ever written are quite fast and we really love dancing to them. Change up the way you pulse and get with the groove!

The Teachers